4 mistakes to avoid in an Ezhava Marriage

4 mistakes to avoid in an Ezhava Marriage

In this article, we will talk about 4 mistakes which you should avoid in an Ezhava wedding.

Indian weddings not only bind two people in holy matrimony but also brings the family together. Ezhava is a caste of the Hindu community in Kerala. They are relatively conventional when it comes to traditional Kerala wedding rituals are concerned. Key attention to details should be given when it comes to honoring the elders of the bride and the groom.

Even though times have changed, people in the Ezhava community still abide by these traditions and ensure they follow the rituals properly despite their modern upbringing. That said, here are 4 mistakes you should avoid in an Ezhava marriage.

Not performing Pooja before the Ceremony

The belief of the Ezhava community in God is immense and hence place the importance of Pooja before the Ezhava wedding. This pooja ceremony is initiated by invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Flowers and Diya (lamp) are set in a thali (plate) which are offered to God. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, and this pooja is conducted to remove all possible obstacles for the upcoming wedding and seek blessings for positive initiation of the wedding rituals. In this ceremony, both the bride and the groom may miss to attend this function or pay little attention to details. Both the bride and the groom must comply with the rituals and make sure not to skip this ritual.

Not respective elders or relatives

Ezhava weddings are a grand affair, and the community believes in celebrating it with utmost grandeur. From distance relatives to friends, large numbers of people are expected at such weddings. Hence, the bride as well as the groom’s family must pay close attention to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. All the guests who arrive at the wedding should be tended properly and made them feel important.

Not giving gifts to the bride and groom

Ezhava marriages involve buying gifts for each other’s families which is part of the engagement (Nishchayam) ceremony and should not be ignored. It would be better if you took utmost care while buying gifts, and conduct the ceremony in the presence of a priest. Avoid last-minute complications and rush. Though it might seem like a simple task at the moment, make sure not to avoid it and pay close attention to the kind of gifts bought.

Not conducting the Nishchayam or Engagement ceremony

A Nishchayam or engagement ceremony is held, which sanctifies the beginning of the union of two families. This is one of the most sacred beginnings and hence need significant attention to. Gifts are exchanged between the elders of the bride’s family and the groom’s family. This is done with proper tradition and guidance from the elders and priests. Make sure not to ignore the Nishchayam ceremony both from the standpoint of the gifts as well as the presence of the bride and groom along with family members.

Though it sounds like a lot of formalities which are to be part of the Ezhava wedding, it is all done for the happy and prosperous life of the newlyweds and should not be ignored under any circumstances.

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