Quick Ways to Spot Fake Profile on Matrimonial Sites

Quick Ways to Spot Fake Profile on Matrimonial Sites

Needless to say, online matrimonial services or sites have replaced conventional matchmakers or marriage brokers. With easy-to-use apps and user-friendly sites, everyone is relying upon online matrimonial sites that offer a pool of candidates to choose from. You can easily filter out your options such as preferred geographical locations, likes, and clarity about what a prospect wants. Not just the bride or groom but parents too are registering in matrimonial sites to find a suitable partner for their child. Though the matrimonial sites verify each and every profile, you too need to stay vigilant and scrutinize the profile of every prospects to prevent frauds and scams.

If you are relying on matrimonial sites to find a life partner, here are a few tips to spot a fake profile.

Profile Picture

A picture can speak a thousand words, and at such cases, the profile picture of the person can reveal a lot. The most obvious sign is when a person does not upload a profile picture. Stay away from such accounts. The next tip is to match the age of the person with his/her picture. If it doesn’t, you can always ask why. Also, heavily edited and filtered pictures are a big no-no. Always analyze, ask questions, and never shy away from putting forth your qualms and demanding a reply.

Unreliable information

While creating a profile on matrimonial sites, a person is required to provide proper information about them. Check those details and if you find anything wrong or unreliable, move ahead with caution.

Frequent edits in profile

Research on matrimonial sites reveals that people who make fake accounts tend to change their information frequently. If you notice a particular person is changing their information such as caste, hobbies, occupation, etc. frequently, chances are the account is fake or they are using wrong information. A genuine person does not do such things. You might make one or two mistakes but occupation, caste, religion, etc. does not change. So, be wary of such details and frequent editing.

If a prospect asks for money

There have been instances where people report that a prospect, they met at a certain online ezhava matrimonial site asked for money. If a person whom you met via matrimonial site asks for money, run for your life. Report immediately to the matrimonial site and they will handle the rest.

When a person puts pressure on you

People with ulterior motives would be in a hurry to leave the platform once their intentions are satisfied. It’s natural for such a person to put pressure on the other person to do things or meet them at their convenience. If a prospect on a matrimonial site is too dominating, becomes possessive or asks you to meet them without giving out any personal information, report to your family/police and keep the distance.

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