How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Kerala Wedding

How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Kerala Wedding

Are you planning a budget-friendly Kerala wedding? Take a peek at these marvelous ideas that will not only keep your wedding on a budget but also an affair to remember.

Indian weddings are known for their magnificence and bling. From the Punjabi weddings in the North to Tamil weddings down south, all marriages are glitzy in their own way. But nothing matches the glamor of the big fat Malayali wedding. Even though Malayali weddings are a short and sweet affair, the preparations and presentations are grandeur. From the wedding venue to the bridal jewelry, Kerala weddings come with a price. As a typical Malayali, one tends to think if there is any way to limit the budget? Yes. Absolutely. Here, we give you specific tips to keep your Kerala wedding budget-friendly but memorable at the same time.

Prepare a Budget

Whether it’s a Christian wedding, a Hindu wedding, Muslim wedding, or an Intercaste wedding, planning a budget will always help you decide the limit. It will give you an exact idea of how much you need to spend on each item necessary for wedding preparations. There are many wedding planners available who can give you a dreamy wedding while staying within your budget.

Simple Invitations

Rather than going for fancy and OTT wedding cards, go for simple invitations. If you still want your wedding cards to look unique, go for options like hand-made paper invites. They not only look ethnic but are affordable as well.

Avoid High Season

Fix a wedding date on an off-season so that you can get venue costs slashed due to low demand. You can also negotiate the price for hotels and honeymoon packages to give you some rates off.

Limit the Guest List

Most of the catering services and wedding venues have a policy of charging per person. You can cut costs by inviting only close family and friends OR go for R.S.V.P. option to save wisely.

Minimal Jewellery

Stating the obvious, Keralite brides are decked up in gold from head to toe. Though it looks gorgeous on the bride, honestly, the bride has no use for chunky jewelry in the future. Hence, it is wise to wear only necessary jewelry for the wedding. Instead, invest in minimal jewelry that you can wear in the future. It will also help you save money.

Keep the Decor Simple

Kerala gives you a picturesque beauty that naturally adds grace and charm to your wedding than artificial decors. Please consult with your wedding planners or experts who can develop fantastic ideas such as building a Mandap under a giant tree or having a wedding at a garden while making it look beautiful. Also, choose local and seasonal flowers which can save you a fair amount of money.

Keep the Menu Simple

Rather than indulging in elaborate wedding cuisines, go for the traditional Sadhya of Kerala than anything else. Trust us and you will save more while having the classic touch to your wedding.

Go Low on the Outfit

Generally, the wedding outfit is a one-time thing. You can save a lot of money by renting an outfit or choosing simple bridal wear instead of designer ones. There is no point spending thousands on a bridal outfit which you will wear only once unless, of course, you can easily afford it.

Music and Photography

Go with a local DJ, be your own wedding DJ or ask your friend to become a DJ for the night. Also, hiring a freelance photographer or a friend who is good at taking photos will save you a lot of money – another way to balance the budget.

Follow the tips, and you are sure to have a wonderful Kerala wedding you have always dreamt of, that too in a budget-friendly way.

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