7 Things Verify in Matrimonial Sites Before The First Meet

7 Things Verify in Matrimonial Sites Before The First Meet

Gone are the times when aunties and uncles used to play a pivotal role in marriage. Register today at Matrimonial sites and find your soulmate no matter where they are in the world. Easy-to-use, safe and secured, matrimonial sites make finding a partner hassle-free. Anyone can easily create a matrimonial profile and search for a partner. However, the main concern of all registered members is to find a genuine and authentic profile. When you find a matrimonial profile that matches your preference, you will contact the person. And if all goes well, you might even fix the first meeting. But, before you do that, there are some things you must keep in mind before fixing that first meeting with that prospective partner.

Verify the Profile

The first thing to do when you receive interest for your profile is to verify the profile of the prospect. Safety comes first so before you accept any matrimonial interest, always verify the profile details. Check if the details mentioned in the matrimonial profile is genuine or not.

Check the genuineness

Another important point you should keep in mind while accepting any request is to check the genuineness of the profile. Try to find out whether the details stated on the profile such as contact details, address, permanent address, email id, and other social media profiles are genuine and true. If the matrimonial website has some tool to verify the details, use that.

Check the legitimacy of the photos

In a world of photographic software, it is easy to morph images or upload false photographs. Also, a matrimonial profile with photograph receives more interest than a profile without any images. Many people upload photographs of them with their family, friends, vacation, office, etc. But you must check the authenticity of these pictures. Find out if these photographs are real or edited by any other tool. Also, check if it is a recent or an old photograph as it will say a lot about the person of interest.

Visit social media profiles

Most of us are very active on social media websites. While checking any matrimonial profile, visit the social media profiles of that person. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are few of the prominent social media which everyone has. This helps you understand the activities of the prospect and kind of person they are at a personal level.

Do they meet the whole criteria?

You must have visited their profile and gone through their interests and hobbies. It is also recommended to read the partner preference well in advance. Try to analyze whether you are meeting the partner’s preference and vice-versa. Do NOT accept the invitation just because they look good or that they are financially well-off.
Always pay attention to your choice and the expectations you have from your future partner. A quick and hasty decision can give you regrets in the future. So, be specific with your preferences. Meet only those who meet 80-90% of your spouse preferences.

Avoid getting too personal before meeting

Once you have done all the verification and satisfied with all the details, you can take it to the next step. If you find that the person is genuine and reliable, you can have an online chat with him/her. However, don’t get pulled into emotions and share too many personal things with him/her.
Sharing personal details can be used negatively and manipulated in the long run. So, to avoid any issue in the future, pay attention to what you are saying and share only required information.

Don’t meet till you are 100% sure and confident

Regardless you have been chatting with the prospect for one week or one month, don’t jump into meeting them too soon. Until and unless it feels right, don’t initiate a meeting or say ‘yes’ to a meeting. Many people say yes to meet everyone without properly examining their profile. In fact, they hardly bother to check the genuineness of the profile and give a nod to the meeting.

Many matrimonial online sites provide unlimited features and services, so use them to stay safe. Even if you decide to meet the person, don’t go alone. Consult your parents about the meet and ask them or your sibling to accompany you to the meeting. Choose a public place such as restaurants or café corners to avoid any unwanted situation.

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